How to Tell Your Ex You Are Getting Married

You have gotten engaged and are ready to tell the whole world the good news! Well, almost the whole world. How do you go about telling your ex that you’re getting married again? This is a person who you had planned spending your whole life with. How is he or she going to feel about this? Also, how will you feel when you tell your ex the news?

If you have parted on good terms
If you and your ex have parted on good terms, the news may not be so hard in telling. You can invite him to lunch and break the news over drinks or dessert. Or you can make a phone call and mention it to him during the conversation. If the parting terms were good ones, he may be genuinely happy for you, especially if he’s in a relationship of his own. Whether you invite him to the wedding is something you will have to talk over with your fiancée. Whether you invite him or not, letting him know about the upcoming event is common courtesy. If you still travel in the same social circles, letting him find out from you is better than him hearing the gossip from someone else.

If you parted on bad terms
If you were in an abusive relationship or parted on bad terms, there are some things to think about. If children aren’t involved, you don’t owe him a phone call to tell him what’s going on. If the relationship was abusive, the less he knows about you the better. If he still has feelings for you, then definitely skipping the call would be advisable. If your ex harbors bad feelings toward your fiancée, it would be unwise also to tell your ex your good news. He may not think its good news at all, and he may feel as if he has to act on it.

If there are children involved
If there are children involved, the news will have to be told to your ex regardless. Because of the changes within the home that will affect the children, a discussion will have to take place. Your ex may want to know your fiancée better since this person will be around the children more. You, your ex and your fiancée may need to sit down and talk about the fourth coming change and how it will affect all your lives. New rules may have to be set in place. Your ex may have a partner now too, and she will have to be included in the discussion. Your fiancée will be upgraded to stepdad and this puts a new slant on the family dynamics.

Getting married and starting a new life can be thrilling and exciting. However, sometimes the remnants of the past have to be dealt with. If you are gracious, friendly and amicable when the occasion arises, things will go a lot smoother.

You are looking toward a bright and shining future. Your ex may still be dealing with the past. By handling the situation with thoughtfulness, you both will get past it and move forward.

When a Bridesmaid Backs Out

When a Bridesmaid Backs Out

It’s two weeks before the wedding, and a bridesmaid asks to talk to you privately. It seems there are some serious issues going on in her family, and she’s going to have to withdraw from your wedding. She’s really apologetic and you know she wouldn’t do this to you unless it was an emergency, but what do you do now?

Take a breath and sit downFirst of all, let your friend know you understand. Whatever is going on doesn’t need to be complicated by you flipping out on her. Give her a hug, and tell her to keep you posted about what’s going on. Next, don’t panic. Take a deep breath, sit down and think for a moment. You actually do have several options. You can ask a friend or family member to step in the bridesmaid place. However, it can go two ways here. Your new candidate may refuse you because she wasn’t your first consideration, and her feelings are hurt. Or on the other hand, she may be more than happy to help you out of a pinch. If she does decide to be in your wedding, be profuse in your thanks.

The next thing is the bridesmaid dress. Hopefully, it will fit with a few alterations. If it doesn’t or if you don’t have the time for alterations, you may have to consider different alternatives. If the dress doesn’t fit, you could find a dress in the same color but a different style. If the dress is too different, have the new bridesmaid either walk down the aisle as the first bridesmaid or at the end as the last. Don’t put a different bridesmaid dress in the middle with two of the same.

Make the new bridesmaid feel welcome
When you do make your decision on your replacement bridesmaid, make her feel welcome. Introduce her to all the wedding party members. Have them give her a warm welcome and make her feel part of the group. Don’t have the bridal party refer to her as “the replacement.” Brief her on what her duties will be on the day of the ceremony and make sure she’s comfortable with it. Give her a bridesmaid gift along with the other bridesmaids. Include a little something extra to show her how much you appreciate her bailing you out and making your day less stressful.

brideIf you can’t find a replacement, once again there are several options. You could just have three bridesmaids instead of four. Odd numbered wedding parties aren’t as uncommon as you may think. As long as your photographer is aware of the issue, the pictures will be great. If you’re really set on having an even number of bridesmaids in your wedding, you could cancel one of the groomsmen. Just be aware though, this may upset your groom. He has put a lot of thought into the people he has chosen and may not want to give one of them up. A third alternative is to have one groomsmen walk with a bridesmaid on each arm.

A cancelled bridesmaid is not the end of the world, although at the time you may think so. Keep your head together and talk the situation over with your fiancée and the rest of your wedding party. The situation will be resolved, and your special day will be wonderful!

When You and Your Wedding Planner Don’t See Eye to Eye

You hired your wedding planner based on a friend’s recommendation. Her portfolio looked good and her references were impeccable. However, you did notice she seemed a little opinionated at your first meeting. You figured as the two of you worked together, you would work it out. However, now you’re butting heads constantly. What are your options? Should you sit down and have a serious talk or just outright fire her?

Before you decide to rip up her contract and throw the pieces at her like confetti, give it some thought. Firing your wedding planner when the wedding is less than 60 days or less away is a huge step. There are several considerations you need to think about first. Do you have all your vendors contact information? Did the deposit for the vendors come from a check from you or was it through your wedding planner’s accounts? Is your florist adding flowers to the cake or is your caterer? And speaking of you caterer, do you know what you’re paying per plate? Just what do you actually know about your wedding details? Unless you know every detail of what is going on with your wedding, you’re making a mistake firing your wedding planner on the spot.

There are some things you can do to remedy the tension between you and your wedding planner, however. You can call or send her an email outlining what issues you have with her along with examples of where you are unhappy with your planner. Maybe you’re concerned about deadlines and whether or not she’s going to make them. Maybe you aren’t happy with her quality of work; it’s not what you had anticipated. What about if she’s going over your wedding budget? Find out if she has an in with floral and catering shops. If she has the experience, she should be getting discounts and be able to stay within your budget.

However, what if she is constantly disagreeing with you? You know what kind of wedding you want. You’ve dreamed and planned it in your head for years. Everything from your gown, to the food, to the music; you have at least some idea of what you want. Yet your wedding planner is trying to push her opinions and ideas on you even at the expense of reasonable dreams you have for this day of days. Does she argue with every decision you make? For example, you want pink roses and she thinks you should have stargazer lilies even though you told her the heavy scent makes you sneeze. If you want roses and she’s not listening and pushing lilies because her floral friend is having a special, she’s not putting your interests first. At this point, you need to have a face to face talk with her. Remind her that it’s your wedding, your money and you hired her to plan your dream wedding, not hers. If the two of you still can’t work it out, then it may be time to part ways. But part ways with the facts you need to know for what you invested so far in the wedding because money is one thing you can’t afford to spend twice.

The most important thing is to have a back-up plan if you do decide to fire your wedding planner. If you still want to use a wedding planner, have another lined up to take over before firing the one you have. If not, can you and your family pull off a wedding and reception if you have to? Don’t just fire her and leave yourself hanging. Make a well thought out educated decision before making your move. Check and make sure what the termination clause is too. Will you get your deposit back? Will you have to pay the entire fee whether she completes the job or not?

If you can’t work things out, you can fire your wedding planner. However, try first to work things out so you’re not caught in a bad situation. Most likely, she’ll do her best to try to make you happy. A good recommendation is what will get her the next job!

How to Have a Wedding Reception Your Guests Will Enjoy

receptionAfter the exchange of vows, is the highly anticipated wedding reception. And while the bride and groom may want nothing more than to peel out of their ceremony apparel, slip into something more comfortable and just relax; your guests are looking very much forward to celebrating by socializing, having a bite to eat and enjoying the festivities.

Your guests deserve it, after all. Their happiness is warranted. They’ve undoubtedly cleared their schedules, traveled long distances, hired babysitters or taken off from work – just to come and spend the day with you. It’s important that you reward them with a joyous and relaxing wedding reception, which will still be fresh in their minds when they go home.

Understandably, the wedding reception costs are usually higher than the ceremony itself. With beverages, food, entertainment, photography and décor, it’s no wonder your reception expenses can start to rack up. However, you can show your guests a great time by considering a few of these tips when planning your wedding reception.

1. Proximity
There’s nothing worse than driving miles to get to a wedding ceremony, only to have to drive out of your way to go to the reception. Consider the proximity from the wedding ceremony location to the reception location. Being mindful of increasing gas costs, this will give your guests a little piece of mind and ensure that they don’t get lost!

2. Parking
Check to determine if the reception location has ample parking to fit your guest list. Guest won’t want to walk long distances or put money in a parking meter to go to your wedding reception. Also consider their safety, by making sure there is adequate lighting or finding out if there is security to keep your guests safe.

3. Entertainment
If you decide to hire a DJ or a band, consider having a variety of music played. If you have lots of younger, college-aged guests, you may want to play popular music that is well-known. On the other hand, if you more of your guests are older, consider playing classic music from earlier eras. It’s always best to mix it up and have music from different genres so that everyone in attendance can enjoy themselves.

4. Food
Planning a menu can be challenging for any venue. When planning your wedding reception menu, consider guests’ tastes and diets. Ask yourself questions like:
- Do I need Kosher food?
- Does anyone have food allergies?
- Should I offer an alternate menu for vegetarians?
Your guests will be able to tell that you took the extra step to make them happy.

5. Drinks
A great way to please guests at your wedding reception who choose to drink is to offer a small variety of alcoholic beverages. Beer and wine are most common, but also consider drinks like margaritas. Margaritas can be made with or without alcohol and is a great alternative for your guests that want neither beer nor wine.

Your guests will have a wonderful time at your wedding reception if you take into account a few of these suggestions. They will be relaxed and enjoy themselves, which will be good news for the bride and groom as well!

Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaids Gifts


Weddings are notoriously stressful. They require tons of planning in advance, revisions, last-minute changes and countless other nerve-racking events. Your bridesmaids have been there with you along the way as well. Some have provided emotional support, while others have made trips for you, picked up needed items for the big day and, of course, shown up to be part of your beautiful ceremony.


It’s only fitting to provide your bridal party with a gift, as a token of your appreciation. But what could you possibly provide that shows them how much you admire their perseverance through the months of preparation and also awards them with a keepsake of your special moment?


There are several things to consider when shopping around for a bridal party gift that will have your bridesmaids grinning from ear to ear. Here are some helpful ideas to use when choosing the perfect gift.



Nothing quite says “Thank You” like a personalized gift. There are many sites that sell gifts that can be monogrammed with either with the newlywed initials or the initials of the gift recipient.; even short messages Wine glasses, beer mugs, coasters, toiletry sets and so on, can all be personalized, usually at no extra cost. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to your gift.


Recyclable Gifts

Recyclable Gifts are great for bridesmaids because they serve a dual purpose. They serve as your gift to them, but also can be reused as something else! Good examples of this are:


  • Tote bags full of small gifts like chocolates and trinkets – Can be reused for everything!
  • Gift cubes – Can be reused as a jewelry box
  • Gift baskets – The basket can be reused as a flower basket for the home
  • Necklace w/Pendants – They can reuse the chain to wear a different pendant


Themed Gifts

In keeping with your wedding theme, themed gifts are a fun way to pass on your gratitude to your bridesmaids. These can be colors from your wedding or even your wedding theme-style. For instance, if your wedding theme is Hawaiian, you might want to give your bridesmaids gifts with a tropical aspect to them such as monogrammed beach towels, gift certificates to the tanning salon and so forth.


For winter-themed weddings, consider keepsake gifts such as ornaments with a picture of the bride and groom or barware with engravings that remind your bridesmaids of your special day.


Team Gifts

A fun way of gifting to your bridesmaids extends from the perception that you are all on one team. That being said, there are great “Team” gifts available that include each bridesmaid as party of your awesome bridal entourage. Adorable shot glasses, drinking flasks, toiletry sets and even coasters can be personalized with your bridal team’s name. For example:


“Team Williams’ Bridesmaid”

“Sandra’s Official Bridesmaid Team”

“Debbie’s #1 Bridesmaid”


These are just examples, of course, but have fun with it and your bridesmaid will be happy to receive a gift from you that they can continue to cherish for years to come.



Eco Friendly Wedding Decorations

There is a huge movement towards making your life greener in many ways. Your wedding can also be made eco friendly! From the wedding location to the food menu and everything in between, you can find ideas that work for you that leave a little less of an impact on the environment. This time, we are going to focus on the decorations you can use to make your wedding stand out in a good way and leave you feeling guilt free and happy.


Ceremony Decorations


When you consider decorations for the wedding ceremony, you might be surprised that there are many options for eco friendly decorations out there. If you have an outdoor wedding, you can use hay bales for seating that are covered in a thick quilt. You can then donate the bales to a local farm when you’re done with them.


For flowers to decorate, you can use potted live plants. This way, you aren’t just throwing away a bunch of dead flowers. You or your wedding party or guests can take the plants home and plant them on their property. Homemade wreaths made with natural fibers and cut wild flowers can really add a nice touch. In winter, you can make wreaths with grape vines and use cut holly for the greenery. Finish it off with a red burlap bow.


Reception Decorations


Sticking with your wedding theme, you can find decorations for your reception that will be cohesive with the feel you are looking for at your wedding. Any time of the year, you can use centerpieces that feature real potted plants.


In the winter you can choose Poinsettias to decorate or some type of winter greenery. In the spring, you might think of decorating with a collection of spring bulbs like hyacinths, daffodils or crocuses. You can send the decorations home with guests as favors as well so the bulbs can have a home.


You can think about natural fiber table cloths and using cloth napkins as well to cut down on waste. Using Mason jars for fun drinks at the reception can also cut down on waste and can be utilized for a canning after the wedding.


No matter what time of year your wedding is or where it is located, there are always options that can integrate eco friendly wedding decorations for your big day.

wedding decorations


Wedding Cake Tips

In the past, nearly everyone’s wedding had a wedding cake. Now, there seem to be more trends to branch out and choose a different dessert. Not matter what you decide; you do want your guests to remember your cake for years to come.


How will you know what type of cake is right for you and your guests? Choosing a wedding cake is probably the most delightful decision. Knowing how to go about choosing the right cake for you is what will really set your mind at ease that you chose the right one. Let’s discover some of the tips involved in choosing your wedding cake for your big day.


When to Order and Who to Order From


When you are ordering a custom cake, it is recommended that you order at least 6 months ahead of time. This ensures that your baker will have time to pay attention to your order and have it done on time. It also gives you time to change your mind about designs, flavors or amounts if you need to before the wedding date.


Selecting a bakery is a matter of taste. If you already have a favorite bakery, use them! You know you will like the cake. The baker can help you choose a cake that best fits most guests’ preferences so you can please your own palate as well as those who attend your wedding. Once you find a few bakeries, you can set up times to go taste testing. That way, you will know which cakes you and your future spouse will like best for the reception.




  • Go with a bakery that is just starting out
    • You never know what might happen to the bakery in 6 months time


  • Rely on friend’s suggestions
    • Ask a close friend where they got their cake if you really loved the flavor and decorations they had at their wedding
    • Friends who share similar preferences with you will be able to recommend a bakery that suits you


  • Don’t let price scare you
    • Select a cake within your budget, but don’t skimp on this part of your wedding (especially if this is the only dessert to be offered)
    • Choose a good quality cake with wonderful icing and decorations


What Design to Choose


If you have a theme or focus for your wedding, your cake should reflect that. For instance, if you are going with a floral vintage and shabby chic theme, you might want to consider an ivory colored cake with soft accents and floral touches to mesh your theme with your cake. There are plenty of pictures in bridal magazines or online that you can reference and use to design your own wedding cake.


If you choose to go with cupcakes for a cupcake tower wedding cake, you can work with the baker on some unique designs that will help tie the dessert with your wedding theme.


Choosing a wedding cake should be personal decision that makes you and your spouse-to-be happy. No matter what wedding cake you choose, you will remember it as a big part of your day for years to cake

Choosing a Quality Wedding Photographer


When you plan a wedding, there are certain aspects you can see, taste or feel before hand. Reception food, your dress, the tuxes and the decorations can all be viewed before the ceremony. However, wedding photographs cannot be seen before the big day. This can be unnerving thinking that you only have “one shot” at getting the photographs you want to commemorate your day.


In order to ensure you get the photographer that will fit you best, you need to know what to look for. We will talk about three major aspects of finding a wedding photographer that will give you everything you want.


  1. A wedding photographer that fits your style
  2. A wedding photographer with excellent reviews
  3. A wedding photographer that you can work well with


Your Photographer’s Style

With choosing a wedding photographer, style is a matter of taste. What worked for your friend’s wedding may not work for yours. Hone in on your personal style and find a wedding photographer that matches that.

Some types of photography are:

  1. Portraits

The photographer utilizes backgrounds of the venue (church, ceremony setting, reception setting etc) and poses friends and family for pictures. Most of the pictures from this type of photographer will be posed in a more traditional way.

2. Artistic

The photographer has more freedom to shoot from their perspective of the wedding. These pictures take on a dreamier or soft look as the background is muted and the objects are in focus. In this type of photography, movement of people also looks more natural. Some artistic photographers will do portraiture if you want that aspect as well, so you can find one that does both.

 3.   Documentary style

Most of the photos this photographer will shoot will be candid. This means they are taking pictures of the ceremony venue, reception venue, people dancing, your dad whispering in your ear before you walk down the aisle or a picture of a nervous groom before he sees you for the first time. This type of photography captures the wedding from the view of someone who attended and really captures the emotion of the ceremony and reception and tells the story of your wedding.

Who is the Wedding Photographer?


Once you find out which type of photography you want the most, you can then go on to find a wedding photographer that fits that style. Most are willing to combine styles, such as doing some portraits as well as documentary style so you can have some posed family shots, but also keep the documentary style for the ceremony and reception.

Look through a photographer’s website portfolio. Find reviews about this photographer and be sure they have a good reputation. It is a good idea to find a seasoned photographer. Someone who has shot many weddings before will be the best fit for you so they are not still learning while they shoot your wedding.

Before you commit to a wedding photographer, you will need to interview them. When you speak with them in person, this will give you a better feel with how you will work together. If you get a bad feeling from a photographer, it’s likely they will not work out for you. This is possible the most important part of your wedding since you will have the photos forever, so you really want to be sure this wedding photographer is for you.


Finding Your Ideal Honeymoon Destination

Blue WatersChoosing your honeymoon is quite possibly the most exciting part of planning a wedding. Grooms really enjoy picking the honeymoon destination since the brides mostly have the say about the colors, decorations and usually the ceremony venue as well. Picking a honeymoon destination doesn’t have to be hard. We are here to help you decipher what you want in a romantic getaway so you can schedule your one-of-a-kind honeymoon destination.


What Type of Honeymoon Destination is for You?


A good thing to start with is a list. Both the bride and groom should write a separate list of honeymoon destination ideas. When you are finished, you can compare the lists and see what destinations or types of destinations you have in common. This will help you pick something that will satisfy what you both want in a honeymoon.


Are you drawing a blank? Some brides and grooms are really torn on what they want for a honeymoon. Here are some honeymoon destination types you can think about.


  1. Island Honeymoons
    1. Virgin islands
    2. Jamaica
    3. Bermuda
    4. Puerto Rico
  2. City Honeymoon
    1. Explore museums
    2. City tours
    3. Experience new restaurants
    4. Go to a city in another country to experience something different
  3. Spa or Pampering Honeymoon
    1. Romantic spa treatments
    2. Delicious cuisine
    3. Beautiful views
    4. Romantic room setting
  4. Tour Honeymoons
    1. Cruises to islands, Alaska, South America, Europe etc.
    2. Tour in another country
    3. Tour of Europe
    4. Tour of South America


Booking Your Honeymoon


Once you have agreed on a honeymoon destination, you can then go about booking it. It is recommended that you go through a reputable travel agency that will allow you to purchase trip insurance in case something happened and you had to reschedule. They can also help you find the best places to stay and fit you with a destination that accommodates your honeymoon budget. Your honeymoon destination should give you the experience you deserve with your new spouse, so enjoy!

Need to Vent?

This section of the blog is about you and your feelings as you plan your wedding day.   This is where you can vent, scream or just laugh.  I have plenty of funny stories to tell and keep you together. Believe what I say every bride to be goes through some drama!


First of all this is your wedding, and you do what you want.  Everybody has an opinion or something to say.  It could be future in-laws, envious friends, or even you own immediate family. It could be the groom; usually the men are not too interested in the planning part or details they leave it up to the bride.  Some women are fine with this some want more participation.

I have been married twice and I had a little drama with both weddings.  My first wedding the bridesmaids did not get alone.  They were fighting about the dresses, price and the style you name it.  My sister who was my maid of honor was overweight at the time, and she had the biggest problem with the dresses.  I allowed her to make her own dress, in the end it came out beautiful and matched the other dresses perfectly.  I will confess I was worried about her dress up until the actual day!


The planning is stressful enough, and having to deal with negative feedback takes the cake! I almost lost my best friend when I was getting married the second time.  I guess you can call it a little PMS, because we were driving each other crazy!  She would send me the check list at least twice a week and she took forever to pick her dress. It all comes with a little drama, but keep remembering why you are getting married and hopefully the nice honeymoon afterwards for the beautiful bride!


If you need to vent or talk, send me message with your e-mail address and I will be glad to talk about it with you.


Now let’s get back to fun stuff!MB900365708